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Jasper Swierstra is a medical microbiologist and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, with a passion for cooking. Anyone capable of following a protocol in a laboratory setting is capable of preparing a delicious diner. Knowledge of chemistry, physics, (molecular) biology and microbiology have led him to understand how to optimize flavors. And aren’t the best experiments edible?

A lot of our food is fermented, which doesn’t only improve the flavor, but fermentation also improves the shelf-life of many products. During his various studies, Jasper has become passionate about fermentation, especially in the context of whisky and beer. His interests are not only (giving) tastings, but also experimenting on the production of things. He has already given various lectures and tastings for various levels of experience and various palates. His quest continues in searching for the ultimate experience with beer or whisky: combined with food, combined with each other or as separate fields of study.